Tamara Carpenter

I believe healing can come when we share our stories, that God wants to turn our deepest pain into our greatest triumph, and that the Truth really can set us free. 


As a recovering, risk-averse perfectionist, I have lived most of my life in virtual hiding; feeling insufficient at my core and fearful of being vulnerable. Surviving, yes, but not truly free.


Challenged to embrace my unique story and give voice to my ponderings, I am entering a messy, but invigorating, season of renewal and strength.  With the help of friends and family who believe in me, an abiding faith in the God of the impossible, and a primal need to BREATHE, I’m stepping out of the shadows.


This blog is the public space I’ve chosen to dethrone shame and invite authenticity, courage and creativity to flow.   It is also a place where I want to invite others who may be on a similar journey to find comfort, encouragement and hope to break the power of silence and rediscover their own voices.


As I venture out on this quest to unearth the real me, I hope the treasures I find along the way will also enrich my readers’ lives.  I look forward to the journey, together, because it’s no fun travelling alone.


Other things about me…


  • Mother of two spirited teenagers
  • Wife of one strong and creative engineer
  • Owner of D’oji, a poodle-mix rescue we call, “The Butler”
  • Boarder to my son’s two bearded dragons and countless mealworms
  • Lover of all things Portuguese
  • Seeker of Truth
  • Follower of Jesus


Some other things I love…


  • Movies inspired by true stories, bold coffee, deep conversations, laughing with friends, hanging out with family, Jogging (really), good food, red wine and traveling (not, necessarily, in that order).